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The emergence of cheap airlines has transformed the way we travel as a society. This is mainly because they have forced the industry as a whole to adopt many best practices and technologies which in turn, has improved the level of service offered to travelers. One of the biggest reasons for the presence of cheap airline flights and its subsequent positive impact on the society is the Internet. Today, travelers can not only book their tickets from the comfort of their homes, but they can also read reviews about the airline, monitor price changes of different airlines to help them get the best deal and also communicate with the best airline agents to clarify their doubts.

From the perspective of the airline company, the Internet has helped them to cut their costs in a big way. They sell tickets online and also help customers to modify or cancel their reservation easily. This helps them to cut back on the personnel needed for these operations and this is why they transfer some of the savings back to the customer in the form of reduced air fares.


Focus on Customers

A lot of innovation that has happened in the airline industry is through Internet and in many ways, the Internet has given more empowerment to the customers thereby changing the focus airline-centric services to meeting the changing needs of the customers. Today, companies are focusing on gaining a better understanding of what the customer wants and working towards achieving these expectations. The positive aspect of this attitude is the improved service that airline companies offer to customers.

Ancillary Service Websites

Besides the airline companies, there are many companies that have come up in the last few years to provide ancillary services to customers. A good example of such a company is Yapta that allows travelers in the US to get a refund if the price of their ticket drops between the date of booking and the date of travel. Many airline companies take part in this website to provide a higher degree of service to their customers and to strive towards satisfying their needs. Another example of such a company is ChangeYourFlight that allows users to change their flights and claim refund for their unused leg of the journey. These companies enhance the user experience of booking and traveling in many ways and this is one of the trends that has forced the airline industry to change its focus towards customers.

Social Media

Social media has helped many industries to reap rich benefits and the airline industry is no exception. This vital trend has helped airline companies to get a better insight into the customer's thoughts and needs and they use this valuable information to provide a better quality of service to the customers. Also, social media has helped airline companies to come up with different key performance indicators (KPI) that helps them to better evaluate their performance. They can identify the key routes and flights by gathering information from social media and this helps them to focus on the more popular profit-making routes thereby improving the overall profitability of the company.

Using social media, they can communicate to their customers about new routes, flights or any other innovations and changes these airline companies make to their operations. This helps them to update real-time information to their customers through the day and night. Due to these reasons, social media has a big impact in the operations of the airline industry today.


The presence of many cheap airline companies has been possible due to the relaxed measures taken by the government to make entry into the airline industry easy. In other words, the exit and entry barriers have been greatly reduced to enable companies to enter and exit the industry with relative ease. Governments around the world understand the need for these cheap airlines, so they are working on de-regulation measures that will enable many companies to compete with each other to enhance the quality of service offered to customers.


Another important and industry-changing trend that has emerged due to the presence of cheap airlines is the high level of competition that exists between these different airline companies. The companies compete with each other to attract a customer with better service and cheaper rates which means the customer stands to gain a lot from the presence of these cheap airline companies.

Ranking of Best Airline Companies in 2012

Based on the above trends and the performance of different airline companies, they have been ranked by CNBC and the list below shows their ranking for 2012: http://www.cnbc.com/id/48192660/The_World_s_Best_International_Airlines_2012?slide=1

  1. Qatar Airways with a fleet size of 108 has its hub in Doha.
  2. Asiana Airlines with a fleet size of 75 has its hub in Seoul.
  3. Singapore Airlines with a fleet size of 105 has its hub in Singapore.
  4. Cathay Pacific Airways with a fleet size of 138 has its hub in Hong Kong.
  5. All Nippon Airways with a fleet size of 226 has its hub in Tokyo.
  6. Etihad Airways with a fleet size of 66 has its hub in Abu Dhabi.
  7. Turkish Airlines with a fleet size of 184 has its hub in Istanbul.
  8. Emirates with a fleet size of 174 has its hub in Dubai.
  9. Thai Airways with a fleet size of 90 has its hub in Bangkok.
  10. Malaysia Airlines with a fleet size of 84 has its hub in Kuala Lumpur.

In short, these trends have changed the face of airline industry which in turn has resulted in a better quality service at lower rates.

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